VIP stands for Victory Insurance Partners. We are a team of independent insurance agents led by our principle broker, Robert Falk. VIP provides resources, training, mentorship, software, and contracts for independent agents.
Technically, anyone can call themselves a FMO or an IMO, so be careful. FMO stands for field marketing organization and IMO stands for independent marketing organization. Based on the traditional definition of a FMO or IMO, where the organization provides various types of support for agents; yes you could consider VIP a FMO or an IMO.
$0. We don't charge you anything to be an agent with us.
In insurance, there are tiered commission levels. The larger you are, the higher commission rate you get. We make overrides based on your performance and success. Instead of charging you upfront fees, we only make money when you sell. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. The tiered commission levels also apply to you, the larger you get the more money you can make for doing the same work. Please review the compensation page for more information about this. There are no limits on how much you can make and we work with you over time to maximize your income.