As an agent, we do what we do to help people. It’s important that we always do what is right for the client. We are highly knowledgeable and specialized. Your success is based off of how many people you help. Being independent, you are in control of your own success, but we are here to help you and guide you along the way with the training and resources you need to be as successful as you want to be.

If you have experience in the business, you know that the compensation can be very complicated, especially when you are working with as many carriers and policies as we work with. We try to make things as transparent as possible with our agents. We have a dedicated system to track commissions, bonuses, statements, tax documents, etc.


Every carrier and every policy can have a different amount of commission. Exact compensation is subject to change and State variations may apply. Below is the typical range for some of the common types of policies. As a newer agent, your commission might be on the lower side of the range and as you write more business and build your book of clients that amount can increase. You do get paid renewals. Please refer to the FAQ for questions.

Product TypeInitial Commission
Major Medical (ACA)$9 – $25 PMPM
Short Term Medical13% – 29% AP
Fixed Indemnity10% – 25% AP
Dental / Vision10% – 27% AP
Accidental15% – 36% AP
Critical Illness20% – 44% AP
Life Insurance / FE50% – 110% AP
Medicare Advantage$573 – $616 PMPY
Medicare Supplements12% – 20% AP
Medicare Drug Plans$87 – $93 PMPY
When you work with multiple carriers, with multiple types of policies, and in multiple States; the compensation can often be very confusing. As complex as it is, we try to be as transparent as possible. To simplify things, we have our own online portal where you have access to all of your commission statements in one place.
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Many carriers will have bonuses and promotions that they will periodically run. They often offer monetary bonuses, in addition to the commission, for selling certain policies or a certain amount of policies. Carriers will also sometimes offer vacation trips to some of the highest producing agents. These bonuses and perks are controlled by the carriers and will vary, but as an independent agent you able to receive them.

In addition to carrier bonuses, HST also offers many bonuses for those that qualify. Some of these bonuses are only for new agents to help you get started and some of the bonuses you can become eligible for over time as you sell and build your book of business.

Type of BonusQualifierAmountFrequency
New Agent (1st year)Producer Bonus9 / 12 / 15 policies per week$100 / $200 / $300Weekly
New Agent (1st 90 days)Super Start40 apps$500 Cash +
$500 Lead Credits
Any AgentLead Creditssell qualifying product$5 – $75 Lead CreditsPer App Sold
Any AgentAnnual TripTop Performing AgentsTBDYearly
Any AgentNew Partner$1,000,000 career production$10,000One-Time
Any AgentPartner BonusActive Partners$30,239*Yearly
*In 2021, there were 1,897 active agents. Of those active agents, there were 202 that qualified for the partner bonus and got their share of $6,071,697; for an average bonus of $30,239 per qualifying agent in addition to the normal commission and other bonuses.