About VIP Brokers

VIPBrokers.org is a resource portal exclusively for the independent agents that have their contracts through us. All of our agents are independent brokers who own their own business and are building their own names, brands, and teams. We don’t take anything from our agents, we only give them more resources and mentorship to be successful.

What Does VIP Do?

VIP helps new and veteran independent agents have the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to be successful. We offer exclusive content and mentorship at no charge for the agents who choose to work with us. We help facilitate your carrier contracts through our partners, so we get

Who is VIP?

VIP stands for Victory Insurance Partners, an organization founded by Robert Falk. Robert is an award winning producer and has trained and mentored agents for years. Robert has collaborated with other brilliant minds in the industry and other leaders within HST to offer more resources for the agents who join our team.

Our History


Official Partner of Healthcare Solutions Team

In 2022, just 15 months after joining HST, Robert Falk and the VIP team, officially became a partner of Healthcare Solutions Team.

VIP Broker Portal

The VIP broker portal officially launched, providing additional resources for agents.

VIP Launched

Originally launch as Victory Health Insurance, VIP was quickly rebranded to Victory Insurance Partners to put more emphasis on the idea that we are all in this together, helping each other to be more successful.

Robert Falk Joined HST

In 2021, Robert Falk left his corporate job at VelaPoint to join up with HST and start his own business (again) as an independent health insurance broker.

Allstate Acquired National General

In 2020, what is considered Allstate’s largest acquisition ever, Allstate purchased National General.

Robert Falk Become a National Sales Advisor

In 2018, Robert Falk accepted a position as a national sales advisor at Velapoint; where he acquired insurance licenses in all 50 states, won numerous awards, and helped mentor new agents.

National General Purchased HST

In 2015, Healthcare Solutions Team was acquired by National General.

Robert Falk Started His Insurance Career

Robert Falk got licensed and was approved to launch a local P&C agency with a captive carrier. After several years, Robert turned the captive agency into an independent brokerage and started offering health and Medicare products to clients.

Healthcare Solutions Team was Founded

In 2007, Joe Eichman started Healthcare Solutions Team (HST) with the goal of helping individuals and families with their health insurance needs.